Does it ever feel like your ministry team is working really hard with not a whole lot to show for it?  Is ministry draining too much of the time?  Your relationship with your partners in ministry less energizing and joyful than you want them to be?

If so, you won’t find the answer in another program, or even a brilliant new strategic plan (though a strategic plan may contribute to the solution).  The core issues you–and your ministry partners–are dealing with are matters of the heart.  The HeartWork retreat is designed with leadership teams like yours in mind, to help you get to the heart of what God wants to do to renew you and your ministry.

A HeartWork retreat will guide you through a process of discernment and decision-making in such areas as:



What activities give you energy?  Which ones drain you?  Which people give you energy?  Which ones drain you?  What changes need to take place for you to spend at least 80% of your ministry time in activities that give you energy and less than 20% on activities that drain you?  What action steps do you need to take to intentionally increase the amount of time you spend with people who give you energy?



How healthy are your boundaries?  Do you consistently take full responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions?  Do you consistently refuse to take responsibility for others’ thoughts, actions, or feelings?

Which, if any, of the six “safety-killers” do you sometimes struggle with:  blame, defensiveness, judging (attributing negative motives to others), taking offense, control, and gossip.  What action steps can you take to replace safety-killing habits with safety-building habits?



What addictions, if any, do you struggle with (substances, activities, relationships, emotions). Are you willing to ask God to show you what hurts or insecurities you are using your “drug of choice” to “medicate”?  What kind of support do you need to enlist to help you work through the process of healing to find freedom?

Are hurts from the past hindering your relationships, your confidence, your ministry?  What kind of support can you enlist to help yo work through the process of healing to find freedom?


We can customize your HeartWork retreat to focus especially on those issues most important to your leadership team.  You also have the option of following your HeartWork retreat with spiritual direction or counseling for key leaders.  If you would like to explore having a HeartWork retreat for your leaders, we would love to hear from you.



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